With the introduction of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) in Pakistan, there is a dire need to train surgeons in this new technique. The commercially available training simulator was expensive and not affordable for most of the teaching hospitals of Pakistan & developing nations. To cater this need, the SmartSurgiSol team came up with an idea of an intelligent box trainer ‘LapBOX’ to make it affordable for every surgeon.

LapBOX is more cost-effective, and has higher accuracy and more features as compared to training solutions available in the market. In contrast to traditional box trainers, the LapBOX have a feedback mechanism and performance review metrics, on the same price as of traditional box trainers. It includes Tray changing mechanism that will tell surgeons about the exercise tray he/she has inserted and will tell them about the exercise they are going to perform. It includes live error count as well as give buzzer when surgeon does the mistake.