The SurgBot MIS robotics system is a surgical training robot based on Master-Slave topology, comprising of a Master Console and a Slave Console.

Master Console is where the surgeon sits and operates on a remotely lying patient. It consists of two custom-designed joysticks, a display monitor and foot pedals. Joystick tracks the movement made by the surgeon’s hand and transfers this to Slave Console. The monitor provides an interactive interface with an embedded real-time video feedback from the endoscopic camera and other information regarding the patient and the system. The incorporated clutch foot pedal allows the surgeon to switch between the endoscope control and the forceps control modes. The Indexing foot pedal is used to align the Robotic Manipulators with the Joysticks.

The patient lies at Slave Console and is being operated by the surgeon from Master Console. It primarily consists of three Robotic Manipulators each of them are equipped with an interchangeable Instrument Module with an additional quick release mechanism. Usually during MIS the surgeon uses different surgical tools, e.g., Grasper, Clip Applicator, Curved Scissors, and Needle Holder etc. The exclusive characteristics of this newly developed SurgBot robotic trainer are: The Instrument Module is completely sterilizable and has no electronic components or motors; cables and pullies mechanisms are utilized to transfer the torque. The Instrument Module has the unique independent forceps jaw movements, which increases the dexterity of the tool tip.



Master Console of the SurgBot Training Robot



Slave Console of the SurgBot Training Robot