SMART Sim™ is a Virtual-Reality Laparoscopic Surgical Trainer for surgeons to learn the skills required in Minimal Invasive Surgery. It allows a surgeon to be trained, tested and specialized in diverse surgical scenarios and procedures developed as a part of this training simulator system. Some of the distinguishing features of this system are:
Pre Exercise Education
  • Objective of each exercise is clearly mentioned
  • All instructions to perform exercise are explained in detail
  • Simulation video is also shown as an aid in performing the exercise
  • Videos from real life surgery are included to show real life scenario.

Run-Time Assistance

  • Step by step instructions and action based warnings aid in performing exercises.
  • User score is shown at runtime to evaluate performance.

Post Exercise Review

  • After the completion of each exercise, evaluation metrics are shown which summarize the performance of user.
  • Graphical representation of performance is also shown at the end of each exercise